Benefits of Proton Therapy

Cancer Treatment with a Low Risk of Serious Side Effects.

Patients exploring cancer treatment options generally consider two main factors in their treatment decisions – Cancer Treatment Side Effects and Successful Outcomes. Proton therapy side effects may be fewer in number and less in severity than side effects from other cancer treatments.

Proton radiation therapy reduces side effects and lessens the risk of developing complications from treatment in later life.

Protons can be directed to reach only the areas of the body that are affected by cancer. This leads to more accurate therapy, with less risk that healthy tissue will be exposed to radiation - and this can reduce the risk of complications and side effects.

Fewer treatment complications may enable physicians to deliver higher doses of proton radiation to cancer sites, and an increased dose of proton radiation can improve the chances for a successful outcome.

The Difference In Proton Therapy

As a rule, traditional X-ray therapy for cancer treatment deposits radiation in healthy tissues that surround a tumor, as well as in the tumor itself. As traditional radiation enters and leaves the body, it leaves a track of radiation damage, much like that left by a bullet.

Protons, on the other hand, do not travel through the body the same way that traditional radiation does. Instead, they stop in the tissue at a calculated distance. So, the majority of the radiation energy that comes from proton therapy is deposited in the cancer – not in the surrounding tissue. This means that important organs that surround the cancer may be protected from damage and, as a result, proton therapy side effects.

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