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Local foundation gives Mother's Day gifts to moms with sick children
May 10, 2018
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A local foundation wants moms with sick children to enjoy their special day.

Dr. Nancy Mendenhall explains prostate cancer treatment and protons
September 27, 2016
First Coast News

Boy who traveled from England completes final treatment
May 24, 2016
Action News Jacksonville

Family travels nearly 4,300 miles to Jacksonville for cancer treatment
May 20, 2016
Action News Jacksonville

Lead Letter: Thanks for University of Florida's Proton Center
December 4, 2014
I would like to thank everyone at the University of Florida Proton Center in Jacksonville who was involved with my husband's care during the last two months. Thank you for giving Dan a few more walks on the beach, a few more visits with the grandkids. The Proton Center gave us hope and our best chance for a cure.

Families form special bond
November 26, 2014
On Thanksgiving Day, 7-year-old Oliver Crowson, his parents, three siblings and grandmother will be six hours away from their Marietta, Ga. home. ...They will celebrate blessings they did not appreciate quite so much three months ago.

Patients, families at Jacksonville's hospitality houses bond during treatment
November 24, 2014
When June Levin was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in March and told she would need a bone marrow transplant, she worried most about losing her long hair and falling behind in graduate school. ... "That became not important. Other patients' chemotherapy was not working anymore." She said. "It's all perspective."

UF Health Proton Therapy Institute provides precise cancer treatment
November 20, 2014
Jacksonville is home to one of the more unique cancer treatment facilities in the country.

Kimberly Ely Todd named 2014 Health Care Hero
November 7, 2014
As a Certified Child Life Specialist at the University of Florida Proton Institute, Kimberly Ely Todd helps children deal with the emotional impact of everything from illness to hospitalization.

Couple renews vows in Halloween fashion
October 31, 2014
October 31st may be Halloween, but it is also the second wedding anniversary for Mark and Kerry Kelso. Six months after the couple from the United Kingdom exchanged vows, a mass was found in Mark's brain.

Childhood cancer survival rate on the rise, proton therapy helping
September 26, 2014
Right now, thousands of Florida teens are in the fight of their lives. It isn't to get good grades or to make a sports team. They're fighting cancer.

Proton therapy shows clinical promise
July 23, 2014
The theoretical dosimetric advantages of proton therapy are undeniable: a proton beam deposits almost all of its energy at a particular depth, defined by the protons' initial energy, sparing nearby tissues and organs. Now, researchers are also observing favourable clinical outcomes for proton treatments, as evidenced by two newly published studies.

Proton therapy working for cancer patients
July 15, 2014
This study, conducted from 2009 to 2013, tracked a group of patients who were treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma — and found that more than 90 percent were relapse-free after three years, and none had developed any treatment-related toxicity during follow-up care.

Gov. Scott Announces Cancer Funding Proposal At UF Proton Therapy Institute
March 25, 2014
Governor Rick Scott was in Jacksonville on Tuesday touting his proposal to ... Proton therapy allows doctors to focus on the cancer cells while ...

Gov. Rick Scott announces increase in cancer research funding in Jacksonville
March 25, 2014
Gov. Rick Scott's proposed budget includes a $30 million increase in cancer-related funding...

Rick Scott Showcases Funds to Fight Cancer
March 25, 2014
Scott is calling for sending $60 million to help Florida Cancer Centers to reach National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation while another $20 million would go into research grants...

Medical tourism provides big economic boost to Jacksonville economy
March 1, 2014
Estimate is Mayo treats 43,000 medical tourists per year; money would generate more...

Gov. Rick Scott seeks $80 million to fight cancer
March 1, 2014
Gov. Rick Scott visited Jacksonville on Tuesday seeking support for $60 million to fund of existing cancer centers and $20 million more for research grants...

UF study: Proton therapy shows unprecedented promise in prostate cancer
February 24, 2014
The University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville, one of just 14 such centers in the U.S., recently released results of a study on ...

Alex gets the all-clear, five years after dire prognosis
October 8, 2013
Schoolboy Alex Barnes has been given the "all-clear" from cancer – five years after his parents were told his survival chances were slim. The nine-year-old, from Fleckney, underwent pioneering treatment in the US in 2008 after he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. Leicester Mercury

Proton therapy helps patient beat prostate cancer
June 5, 2013
Proton therapy patient talks about successful treatment.

Vero lets UF track tumors' travel in the body
December 30, 2012

One more reason to hope
September 9, 2012

Pie run sweet for cancer patient
June 17, 2012

California, Florida Riders Join Forces for Kids
April 23, 2012

Art proves great distraction
April 20, 2011
The Florida Times-Union

Modern Medicine: Proton Therapy
April 7, 2011

Katie Burchfield is fighting her battle with a smile
January 23, 2011
St. Augustine Record

Proton therapy shows promise
November 12, 2009
The Gainesville Sun

UF Proton Institute to work with St. Jude
November 10, 2009
Jacksonville Business Journal

UF study: Proton therapy safe
November 2, 2009
Jacksonville Business Journal

Modern Medicine: Proton Therapy
October 8, 2009

Proton therapy fights cancer
February 23, 2009
The Columbus Dispatch

Christmas dream for brain-op Alex
November 10, 2008
Leicester Mercury

Boy crosses ocean for proton therapy
October 22, 2008
The Florida Times-Union

Cancer boy begins proton therapy
October 21, 2008
BBC News

Beating cancer, the proton way
July 20, 2008
The Florida Times-Union

Site Focus: UFPTI
May 24, 2008

Finger on the pulse of medical technology
May 23, 2008
Financial News & Daily Record

Proton therapy institute shows rapid growth
May 22, 2008
The Florida Times-Union

Proton-beam therapy institute increasing services, stature
October 19, 2007
Jacksonville Business Journal

The Next Step
October 1, 2007
Florida Magazine

Beaming – UF Institute offers proton therapy
September 1, 2007
Florida Trend Magazine

Medical Tourism
June 11, 2007
The Florida Times-Union

Cancer treatment institute hitting its stride
June 5, 2007
Jacksonville's Daily Record

Tumor Grenades
June 1, 2007
Popular Science Magazine

Proton institute adds second treatment room
January 5, 2007
Jacksonville Business Journal

Year of triumph, tragedy & change
December 31, 2006
Gainesville Sun

Proton therapy brings a little bit of Belgium to Jax
October 17, 2006
Financial News & Daily Record

Proton therapy company establishing R&D center
October 13, 2006
Jacksonville Business Journal

Florida Institute Targets Cancer With Proton Therapy
October 12, 2006
NBC6.NET South Florida

Target Tumors
August 1, 2006

This thing could save your life
July 13, 2006
Financial News & Daily Record

Proton therapy group prepares for July opening
April 13, 2006
The Florida Times-Union

UF Web site tracks cancer innovations
April 13, 2006
Gainesville Sun