Messages Of Thanks

It takes a patchwork of people to create a successful, nurturing community. Here at the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute, our patchwork is made of people of all ages, from all over the country and the world. We have people with different belief systems and ideas.

Together we join hands to unite in thanksgiving for the staff, the doctors and nurses, the technicians and those who keep the building and machines running smoothly. Our lives depend on all of you and for that we are forever grateful.

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I’m thankful for the proton because it saved my brother.

To all staff for all your kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience. We are in no safer hands than yours. Thank you.

Grateful for the great atmosphere, professionalism of all UF Proton employees, and a wonderful opportunity for calm healing! Thank you all!

Thank you for all you do for the health of the patients.

Just want to say thank you to all the staff at Proton for all the help. P.S. and Pam for the art.

My favorite was Bobby because that’s the name of my favorite minion.

Thank you so much for helping us through this tough time.

I’m thankful for all of the amazing staff here for giving my mum the best care and treatment. We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be treated and hopefully cured!

Thank you to all the UF Proton staff for all the long hours, hard work, helping hands and healing you provide to so many. A big thank you for all that y’all do!!

Thank you for all the time and efforts you put into our recovery.

Thank you very much to this incredible group for making us feel like family; the words would not suffice to express our gratitude.

Big thanks to everyone, staff, nurses, doctors and include all the patients that we have met. We are truly blessed to be here with everyone. Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you all.

Would like to tell the staff how helpful they have been since we have started our proton. We say staff because everybody has been so nice to us. Thank You.

Thank you to everybody that was helping W. going through proton. God bless you all. I am W’s grandmother and sure am praying for my beautiful little 10-year-old.

Thank you for every smile and greeting, for every encouraging word and smile and for all the extras that just materialize. The staff is wonderful! The facility and technology are amazing – thus the experience here has been far less stressful.

To all staff for all your kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience. We are in no safer hands than yours. Thank you.

I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who helped with everything. You deserve a lot of praise for what you’ve done. Thank you.

Our granddaughter M. is receiving treatment in this fantastic center. We have spent a week visiting her – everyone is so friendly and helpful and we feel positive she’ll make a full recovery.

Thank you to all the staff that were involved in my care. I know I’m not the easiest person to talk to!

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at the Proton Center for being so welcoming and putting us all at ease. It’s not the easiest time but you are all certainly making it easier! Thank you for this facility and for letting us use it!

Thank you so much for the fantastic opportunity you have given me to meet all of you and the sincere passion you have given to me and my family at UF Proton. You all have made my journey a lot easier than I could have ever imagined. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for everything. Your kindness, time and support has been so touching, and the memories will definitely not be forgotten. Thank you!

Thank you to therapists, (the one treating me), you’re all a great support. I appreciate the excellent facility staff.

We are so thankful for everyone at the Proton Therapy Institute especially Dr. Dagan and Carleen for their ongoing help and support and experience. I was truly blessed to be able to come to the ‘Best Place’ in the World! It has been 4+ years since my treatments and feel better now than I ever had. ‘I’m better than I deserve’!”

Thanks to all the staff. You’re all amazing and kind. I want to thank you for helping to get A. fixed.

Love to every one of you! Your kindness and dedication are so important to me. And thanks, Alex, for using the tickets and cheering the Gators on to a win. Go Gators!

Today is bittersweet because in the 6 weeks W. has received proton therapy, we’ve met so many people that are going through the same hardship and some even worse. We appreciate everything that everyone is doing here to make life as comfortable as possible for the patients and their families. From the doctors and nurses to all the social workers and art tutors. May God bless each and every one of you.

Thank you one and all.

Everyone here at the proton center has been polite, kind and helpful since we arrived from the U.K. We are extremely grateful for your amazing technology to help our daughter fight this rare bone cancer. Thank you to all the staff on front line and behind the scenes.

Thank you for all the wonderful help.

Thank y’all for all y’all, and the care y’all give.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all the people who I’ve had the pleasure to meet and bond with these last 8 weeks! I have never felt more comfortable than I have here. Your smiles and positiveness helped me through a very scary time in my life. You will always be family to me.

Thank you to every single one of you, for your love and care! We are so grateful!

Thank you to all of the staff at Proton. We have been made to feel at ease and welcomed so warmly.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped my brother get well and get back to his usual life.

To every member of staff at Proton, words can’t express the gratitude I have for this place and the people who have given my son hope for a healthier future. Thank you from me, my family from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do, and are still doing! To Gina and Cindy, thank you for your daily care and your patience! Lots of love and thanks.

I’m thankful for all of the amazing staff here for giving my mum the best care and treatment. We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be treated and hopefully cured!

We have had a life changing experience here at UF Proton in so many ways. The love and caring of the staff, the camaraderie of the patients, the friends we have made, we are so thankful for. The science, the engineering, the collective knowledge, the ability to cure cancers and safely care for all of us, we are thankful for this, too. We will miss you all. Thanks for all of you!

This Proton Institute is a positive environment and good sharing with other patients. Thanks to all.

I thank God that I was pointed in the direction of the Proton Center.

Thank you for all your kindness and wonderful treatment towards my grandson.